Weather forecast accuracy ranges from 90% for the next 48 hours, tied to each field and with the ability to use your own weather stations, as well as the function of informing the weather on e-mail and / or phone


Controlling plant development status using NDVI and OSAVI indexes with capability comparison of vegetation conditions for the period and by different vegetation indices

Scouting (mobile agronomist)

A soil change map using a high resolution or more accessible image an alternative to measuring electrical conductivity. Based on the data, zoning can be done, so you can use the differential method to manage the land.

Analytical unit

It is a graphical representation of data on various parameters, which makes it possible to compare certain data for different periods, in different fields.

Management system of the economy

Calendar of work for each field with detailed information about the TMC used as well a tool for setting and controlling tasks in each field, optimizing and accelerating the process of organizing work.


The automatic creation of differential fertilizer cards in the system helps to minimize costs and maximize revenue.


The world's only artificial intelligence in agriculture, which allows in the shortest possible time process large data sets and automatically report on BIG-based field situations DATA from all over the world.

Advantages of the Taranis system

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Accumulation of data

Agronomic, analytical, satellite, artificial intelligence data, etc. and their storage in each field with the possibility of their further deep analysis.

Cost reduction

Reducing the cost of TMCs, fuel and lubricants, seed, PSAs, lease of shares, etc., thanks to the most efficient use of the land bank.

Information from various sources

Obtaining information from multiple sources and minimizing the negative impact of human factors on decision making.

Improving efficiency

Improvement of economic efficiency of the enterprise due to rational use of resources and optimization of business processes.


Qualitative planning and control of agronomic work on the basis of objective indicators.

Online information

Get prompt and timely information on the field issues from a variety of sources.

Ease of use

Implementation and maintenance of the system does not require additional labor.

Customer service 24/7y

Round-the-clock individual customer service 24/7, detailed video tutorials and consulting support.

Weather forecast

Thanks to the high-precision weather forecast, you will be able to timely and accurately plan field work, equipment relocation and logistics, as well as control the time and quality of tasks.

Mobile agronomist

The mobile agronomist system will provide control and accumulation of field data exactly where necessary.

Economical fertilizer application

Differential application of fertilizers will significantly save their quantity and do it at the most modern level.

Artificial Intelligence

Quickly analyzes large data sets, which will greatly reduce costs and increase decision-making speed and revenue.

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