Agronomic services

RHIZA's agronomic services provide farms with technological techniques for growing crops.

Technological support of farms

In order to obtain the planned production indices, RHIZA technology experts develop individual cultivation technologies: from crop / seed selection to harvesting. Technology is developed based on the technological and financial capabilities of the economy, as well as the planned yield.

What does the farm receive?

Logically-based growing technology that is built on the needs of the economy

Expert supervision of crops

Timely forecast of likely threats and recommendations to prevent them.

Guaranteed hectare profit per hectare or reduced cost of tonnes of cultivated produce

Proven technology for next seeding season

Adjustment and analysis of cultivation technology

What does the farm receive?

Not always existing growing technology works to maximize the efficiency of cultivation. Therefore, RHIZA's agronomic experts are thoroughly researching and analyzing existing technology for efficiency, providing recommendations for its improvement.

Unique satellite data

Models of crop growth

Accurate local weather data

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