Seed and phytopathology laboratory

RHIZA service provides soil survey and fertility assessment, identification of reasons for ineffective application of fertilizers and optimization of agricultural production costs, research of sowing qualities of seeds and mineral fertilizers.

RHIZA's labs are

Testing by standards

Tests according to national and international regulations DSTU, DSTU ISO, DSTU IEC, DSTU EN.


Full agrochemical evaluation in the soil-plant-fertilizer system


Modern foreign certified equipment

Personal approach

Individual approach to laboratory testing


Effective plant nutrition recommendations


Advisory support and support

Laboratory of seminal and phytopathological examination

Laboratory research

Phytopathological, entomological and helminthological examination of plants, seeds, planting material

Laboratory control

Seed quality control

Seed consultations

Selection of high-quality seed material, recommendation on sowing of seeds, selection of an effective detergent

Protection systems

Identification of pathogens of fungal and bacterial diseases, selection of effective remedies

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