It is an information service with a complete set of tools for agricultural enterprise monitoring and precision farming, including:

Hyper local weather data

High-tech weather models provide information on temperature, wind speed, soil and leaf moisture, soil temperature, and more. field availability.
This information gives you the opportunity to choose the best time to get out with the equipment in the field for tillage or fertilizer application, selecting the most effective drug in the given weather conditions.

Images of NDVI and
Chlorophyll / GCVI

Images of NDVI (Vegetation Index) and Chlorophyll / GCVI (Accumulation Index) chlorophyll / photocells) - high resolution images help the best save time on primary field-wide reviews.
With snapshots you can immediately understand where there are problems with plant development and purposefully to pay attention to such areas in order to preserve / increase future harvest.

Soil brightness

A soil change map using a high resolution or more accessible image an alternative to measuring electrical conductivity.
Zoning can be done based on data, so you can use differential a method of controlling the land.

Planning Differential Depositing

Drawing up a plan of sowing and introduction of preparations with individually calculated for each zone norms.

Models of pests and diseases

Gives a clear understanding of what threats may affect crops to some extent, so you can respond in a timely manner and schedule additional contributions to prevent losses harvest.

SAR displays
growth models:

Stage of development

It is important to know it for the correct application of PPPs, for timely inspection of fields in critical phases and for improving the quality of PPPs application.

Green Mass Index (LAI)

Includes shoots, leaves and stems. It's important to know when developing recommendations for next year's nitrogen diet.

Sheet Surface Index (GAI)

Data on the leaf surface. Always goes after the green mass index.


The aggregate of plant parts above the soil layer (t / ha). Based on these indicators, a yield forecast is formed.


You are assigned a personal, qualified manager, will help you pick / form a batch proposal and provide program support.


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